Gilbert Town Council Looking to Raise Fees on Water and Waste

On the heels of the bond passage which will raise property taxes, the Town Council is now looking to raise fees on water and environmental services like recycling.

This comes at a time of run away inflation where Gilbert consumers have seen costs of household goods grow over 6 percent in one year. Wages in Gilbert haven’t kept up and the Town Council would be wise to stop raising taxes and fees on the hard-working Gilbert residents.

The Town is holding a series of meetings where you can provide feedback. Generally these are not productive meetings for residents as Town staff and the Town Council have already made up their minds on these issues. These meetings are simply legal hoops to jump through and convenient ways to give the politicians and bureaucrats a way to say that they “asked for public input”.

Instead of holding fake hearings of this sort, a dedicated group of people trained to identify waste could easily find enough money within the current budget to close whatever funding gap is needed. Many wasteful positions could be eliminated like the person who’s paid over $90,000 to analyze social media.

You may find out additional information on these meetings at the Town’s notice for this event.