A Word About Government Workers

Have you ever heard a joke like this?

“Q: How do government employees wink when they’re at work?
A: They briefly open one eye.

Or how about this one?

“Three boys were talking after school while waiting for their fathers to pick them up. The first one boasts: “My dad is a Formula One driver. He finishes work at 5:00 and picks me up at 5:15.

“The second boy says: “That’s nothing. My dad is a jet pilot. He finishes work at 5:00 and picks me up at 5:05!”

“The last boy looks at his companions and says: “Pfff…. amateurs! My dad works for the government. He finishes work at 5:00 and picks me up at 4:45!”

While there are certainly some government workers who fit this bill, many government workers are honorable and focused on doing a great job. Everyday, great men and women, fathers and mothers, put on a badge and risk their lives to protect and serve in their community. Others run into burning buildings to save lives.

While not every government job requires risking one’s life, many require technical skill and expertise in life sustaining areas such as clean water and safe transportation.

GilbertWatch will never apologize for exposing government workers who neglect their jobs and trample on the rights of citizens. At the same time it will never forget the great men and women who offer their best effort to protect the rights of citizens in a positive and honest way. The good news is that there are many many more of these types of workers than the rotten type. These good people should be respected, treated with kindness, and given thanks for a job well done.

GilbertWatch also encourages talented people to consider government jobs. This call may seem odd to GilbertWatch readers. Why is this important? Because too many liberal ideologues have risen to positions of power in government. They exercise tremendous power over rubber-stamping politicians, the public, and the public treasury. These bureaucrats waste millions of hard-earned taxpayer dollars without a single care.

Traditional conservatives generally migrate to the private sector and don’t consider working for the government, but that needs to change. If we are ever going to get government back in it’s lane, we must have more workers in our town, state, and in the federal government who understand the limited role of government. There are many good jobs available and the Town of Gilbert’s pay scale and benefit package–for better or worse–is quite lucrative.

In Gilbert, here’s where you may review the open positions and learn more about available positions.