Gilbert Watch Endorses Jim Torgeson for Gilbert Town Council

Gilbert Watch is proud to endorse Jim Torgeson for Gilbert Town Council.

Mr. Torgeson has lived in Gilbert for many years and has served on the Redevelopment Commission and the Planning Commission. He’s a small business owner who has a way of “Telling it like it is.” If you know, you know. He is the worst enemy of government waste and big government.

For example, Jim was the person who uncovered the details behind the Zinke dairy scandal in Gilbert where the Town Council paid around $300k per acre for land that appraised for under $60k per acre. This purchase was only made possible by a Council who never did homework and simply rubber stamped whatever the Town Manager told them.

Under Mr. Torgeson’s leadership, many great projects and improvements happened in the Downtown area. If there is a list of the top 5 people who have shaped the development of the Downtown, Jim will be on that list.

For decades, a majority of Gilbert Councilmembers have simply been rubber stamps for Town staff. They have approved massive tax and spending policies without regard to runaway inflation and stagnant wages. These politicians have slapped mask mandates and supported policies to close “non-essential” businesses while giving tax dollars to large corporations and expanding the size of Town government.

Someone needs to stand up and represent the hard-working taxpayer. Someone with knowledge and courage to do the right thing. That man is Mr. Jim Torgenson.

Gilbert Watch encourages every registered voter to vote for Jim in August. When Mr. Torgeson is sworn into office, the cockroaches in Town government will have no place to hide because Jim knows their tricks and will bring out the political pesticide.

To learn more about Mr. Torgeson’s records, please visit his website at