Gilbert Town Council to consider mask-wearing mandate

Gilbert citizens and friends of Gilbert,

Please email the Town Council at and let them know that a requirement to wear masks is not acceptable in Gilbert.

Below is what I wrote to them. You can use any or all of it in your own message, but please be respectful even if firm.

Mayor and Council members,

I strongly encourage you to reject any proposal that affects the personal health decisions of Gilbert citizens, particularly one that would require the wearing of a mask. The exceptions would not be a justification for such an overreach of your delegated stewardship and responsibility as elected representatives.

For a Town claiming the “largest Constitutional celebration” in the nation, it only makes sense to vote in line with that legacy by having “no requirement for masks, only encouragement to use them”, clearly outlined by the mayor as one of the options the Town has before it.

Additionally, the Town opens itself up to unnecessary liability risk increase by mandating an apparatus that restricts the normal respiratory flows. Adherence to the mandate would require citizens to forego exercise and other activities essential to mental and physical health during a time when many are already struggling under burdens of isolation.Thank you for your attention.