Gilbert Town Council vote to require mask wearing

Let your stewards know that you are disappointed in this abuse of the authority we have delegated to them.

Mayor and council members, many of your constituents are very disappointed in your lack of trust in the citizens of this great town. Please be aware that we will highly publicize this grievous abuse of the authority we have delegated to you. We will work to ensure all who voted to require the wearing of an apparatus on the face of all citizens, albeit with exceptions, will be voted out of office at the next election cycle for which they are up for election.

Only two Council members voted against the requirement to wear masks:

Council Member Aimee Yentes said she appreciated the changes as improvements but voted against the order, saying it was difficult but with much unknown she preferred to err on the side of freedom.

Council Member Jared Taylor also dissented, saying government’s proper role here would be to educate and partner with schools, churches and businesses to protect individual rights.

See Gilbert Town Council passes 30-day face coverings order.

Through a process of elimination, those voting for the requirement include:

  • Mayor Jenn Daniels
  • Vice Mayor Scott Anderson
  • Councilmember Yung Koprowski
  • Councilmember Scott September
  • Councilmember Bill Spence