Gilbert Watch Primary Voting Recommendations: August 30, 2016

As you complete your Primary ballot, please consider the following candidates for offices all the way from United States Senate to Town Council. Time hasn’t allowed for the vetting of every office throughout the state.  The suggestions you see here are based on voting patterns, leadership, and commitment to constitutional, conservative ideals.   


Kelli Ward


Dist 1: Gary Kiehne 
Dist 4: Paul Gosar   
Dist 5: Andy Biggs  
Dist 6: David Schweikert 
Dist 8: Trent Franks  
Dist 9: Dave Giles


Rick Gray 
Al Melvin  


LD5:  Ron Gould 
LD6:  Sylvia Allen 
LD8:  Frank Pratt 
LD11:Steve Smith 
LD12:Warren Petersen 
LD13:Steve Montenegro 
LD14:Gail Griffin  
LD15:Nancy Barto 
LD16:David Farnsworth 
LD17:Steve Yarbrough   
LD18:Frank Schmuck  
LD20:Kimberly Yee  
LD22:Judy Burges 
LD25:Write-In Candidate Itasca Small  


LD2:  John Christopher Ackerley 
LD6:  Brenda Barton 
Bob Thorpe  
LD8:  David Cook 
LD8:  T. J. Shope 
LD9:   Ana Henderson 
LD11: Mark Finchem 
LD11: Vince Leach 
LD12: Eddie Farnsworth 
LD12: Travis Grantham 
LD13: Darin Mitchell 
LD13: Don Shooter 
LD15: John Allen 
LD 17:J.D. Mesnard  
LD17: Jeff Weninger 
LD18: Jill Norgaard 
LD20: Anthony Kern 
LD22: David Livingston 
LD23: Jay Lawrence  
LD23: Michelle Ugenti  
LD25: Rusty Bowers  
LD25: Ross Groen  

Gila County Supervisor

Woody Cline (District 3) 

Gila County School Superintendent

Roy Sandoval 

Maricopa County Recorder

Aaron Flannery

Maricopa County Supervisor

Denny Barney (District 1) 

Maricopa County Sheriff

Joe Arpaio 

Maricopa County School Superintendent

Jana Jackson

Maricopa County Treasurer

Royce Flora 

Desert Ridge, Maricopa County Justice of the Peace  

Cathy Riggs  

Highland Precinct, Maricopa County Justice of the Peace

Ken Sampson

Gilbert Town Council 

Jared Taylor 
Jim Torgeson 

Mesa City Council District 1  

Mark Freeman 

Payson Town Council

Janelle Sterner 

Phoenix City Council

Sal DiCiccio 

Pinal County Supervisor 

Irene Littleton (District 3) 

Queen Creek Council 

Jake Hoffman  
Natasha Schaeler