Give Me the Money or I’ll Shoot!

by Jared Taylor

For the past four years, the Gilbert Town Council has struggled to balance the budget. The numbers change constantly, but the latest deficit seems to be around $8-10 million after counting reductions already identified.

The question now is, should we raise taxes or reduce more spending to balance the budget? State law requires a balanced budget.

As I have reviewed the facts during the 2009 Citizen’s Budget Committee, I learned that the budget can be balanced very quickly and without job losses.

So, where will be money come from if we don’t raise taxes? There are many ideas, but here are just a few areas that don’t affect police and fire service.

  1. $19 million in the rainy-day fund
  2. $2-3 million in pulling buffer from the budget
  3. $1-2 million in immediate spending freezes and efficiencies
  4. $1 million in reductions in contract spending

Yes, these are short-term fixes, but they will balance the budget this year without job losses. For next year, a solid efficiency and accountability plan will easily surface another $10-20 million dollars. This type of leadership occurs in the best businesses and good governments every day.

So who is saying we must cut police and fire? Not the citizens. We want the best public safety available. The only individuals I’m hearing talk about cuts to police and fire services are a few members on the Town Council and the Town Staff. Why would they threaten to cut public safety when it’s not even necessary?

Doesn’t this sound like the bank robber that said, “Give me the money, or I’ll shoot!” Unfortunately, we’ve heard this old line before. Fear tactics don’t work. Phoenix fell for this a few years ago and is now cutting policemen. Don’t be fooled. Vote No on Prop 406.