Ted Cruz, John McCain, John Boehner: Which Guy do YOU Want to Be?

Pictures are worth thousands of words.  

"WE have seen Ted Cruz KNEELING in prayer in the front of the White House. We have seen Ted Cruz STANDING all night, and all alone against Obamacare. WE have seen Ted Cruz SITTING, while others applauded revealing their soullessness, and utter contempt for the American people. In each instance Ted Cruz was alone in his statesmanship decorum. TRUTH in a decadent day usually stands alone. Those who are standing, and applauding are what our founders feared. Ted Cruz is what our founders dreamed of."  Author unknown.

Quisling John Boehner, selling out Republicans.

"Any immigration reform should improve the lives, the incomes, and the opportunities of those who are lawfully in America."  Jim DeMint, president of the Heritage Foundation.

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