Gone Fishin’

Gilbert Watch is taking a vacation. Here is your assignment while I’m gone.

  1. Go to the Gilbert Watch Home Page. On the left, click on Goldwater Institute. These are the Watchdogs of every significant issue that is going on in Arizona. They are an outstanding organization, and have helped the citizens of Gilbert at least twice concerning issues relating to the Town Council.
  2. Watch the upcoming 5/22 Town Council Meeting at 8 am on Gilbert Live! Channel 11 by clicking on Town of Gilbert (left side of the Gilbert Watch home page). On the right, click on Gilbert Live! OR if you missed this piece of excitement but want to watch the video later, scroll down and look for the date next to the Gilbert Town Council. 3) Or if you prefer to read the dry, boring Minutes, those are posted 3 days after the meeting. Click on the Town of Gilbert link, and from their home page, go to the right, click on Mayor and Town Council; on the left, click on Meeting Minutes, then enter the date of the meeting.