Goodyear Mayor Trashes Conservatives as Reason for Supporting Diane Landis

In an unusual move for Republican Party politics, Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord decided to endorse Litchfield Park City Councilwoman Diane Landis in her race against State Representatives Steve Montenegro and Darin Mitchell in large part because Montenegro and Mitchell were both conservatives and, as she put it, “What have conservatives ever accomplished at the federal or state level?  Nothing, except saying ‘No!’” 

While Mayor Lord is certainly entitled to support Landis as an alternative to having conservatives in office, it is worth reminding Mayor Lord of just a few of the many good things conservatives have done in Arizona.

Turned the liberal Napolitano deficit into a budget surplus.

Made Arizona the most 2nd Amendment friendly state in the nation.

Took major steps to fight against illegal immigration.

Resisted liberal calls for permanent tax hikes that would cost Arizona jobs.

Passed major transparency legislation to allow taxpayers to know how their government spends its money.

Made Arizona the most school choice friendly state in the nation.

Turned Arizona into the #1 state in the country for entrepreneurial startups.

Cut taxes and turned Arizona into a top-5 state for job growth.

Protected Private Property Rights.

Worked successfully to bring the F-35 fighter to Luke AFB

And much much more…

“As conservatives, I don’t think that Steve (Montenegro) or I are surprised to be challenged from our left.” said Darin Mitchell, who was informed by Mayor Lord of her decision to endorse yesterday, “But I think the Mayor is wrong in her attacks on conservatives both at the state and federal level.”

“Darin and I ran as conservatives and were elected as conservatives. We owe it to our district to act in their best interests and to govern as we promised to do.” said Steve Montenegro.

GILBERT WATCH NOTE:  Both Steve Montenegro and Darin Mitchell are among the Top Conservative Heroes in the Arizona State Legislature.  See The Magnificent Arizona Republicans and Arizona RINO Legislators vs Republicans.