Have you gotten a letter from Barry Goldwater, Jr.? I did, and I’m Incensed!

Peter J. O’Malley of Mesa received in the mail a 12-page solar survey and letter from Barry Goldwater, Jr., a few days ago, and he is incensed that Barry, Jr., is pandering after Republicans with his" ludicrous T. U. S. K. organization, TELL UTILITIES SOLAR won’t be KILLED."

Here is Peter J. O’Malley’s (humorous) response to Barry Goldwater, Jr.

Sept. 13, 2013

Barry Goldwater, Jr.
Chairman, T.U.S.K.
3219 E Camelback Rd.
Suite 552
Phoenix, AZ 85018

Dear Chairman Goldwater,

Your solar survey and letter regarding its results arrived today.

It concerns me that you “think solar can be good politics … for our state.” Power, like communications and water, should NOT be part of a political agenda. And that is the problem with solar. It is wholly a political animal devoid of scientific merit. The only reason Republicans and other Arizonans guess on surveys that solar makes sense is because its application is heavily subsidized by government. Without massive federal and state subsidies (unavailable to oil and natural gas companies) used to bribe people into trying solar, the entire industry would fall flat on its face.

The reality of solar is that it is unreliable, available mostly when you don’t need it, takes up too much space, time, money and trouble for the pittance it returns, and cannot come anywhere near the efficiency and safety of nuclear power. Indeed, the total lifetime output of, for example, your typical solar power plant amounts to less that the energy needed to build and maintain it! Its value lies roughly on a par with the kind of “power” developed by wind turbines, wave technology, chicken manure and magic New Age vortices.

Personally I’m glad homeowners are trying out their own devices, for they will soon be convinced of the folly of tapping the weak and dispersed rays of the sun when they factor in the costly battery replacements and short life of the panels themselves. That your numbers seem to identify a trend in consumers waking up to some solar (subsidized) advantage can only be attributed to the relentless indoctrination of gullible citizens.

As far as politics, you are basely political in making your appeal to leaders in the Republican Party. In fact this is all about politics and nothing to do with scientific reality. But I do agree with one point in your amusing letter, “rooftop solar is [a] disruptive technology.” It is indeed disruptive in that the fabricated excitement about it diverts attention from reasonable, lower-cost, proven safe, reliable energy via SRP. Surely the feeble technology of solar energy will be as short-lived as the fear-mongering over global warming.

My advice, Barry, is to stick with your politics and let the utilities handle the science.

Best personal regards,

PJ. O’Malley