Here we Go Again! Gilbert Raising Taxes, Expanding Government: June 23 @ 7pm

A Message from Ms. Christine Accurso

Here we go again!

The Town of Gilbert is getting ready to raise our taxes and expand the size of government at the next council meeting!  Our taxes were already raised considerably by the school districts override and bonds.  We don’t need another tax increase!   

After reading through the 2,983 page agenda packet, I noticed there are 10 agenda items this Thursday, June 23, that are jam packed full of budget increases, expansion of government and a tax rate increase.  What happened to our "conservative" elected officials?  Join me in watching, either in person or live online, who votes for these items.  (Items # 4, 9a, 14, 20, 21, 25, 26, 31, 32 & 33).  Click HERE to watch the meeting live.  

Here are a few items to note:

Item 9a – Giving $115,000 to Boys and Girls Club, $123,000 Chandler Christian Community Center (Senior Center), and $417,000 to other non-profits.  [The government should not be giving our tax dollars to non-profits.  We should choose for ourselves to which charities our personal dollars go.]

Item 31 – Capital Improvement Plan – All the big ticket items, including some that have no Council support like the wellness center (RD202- p. 146 or p. 1307) and $73 million public safety training center (MF040 – p. 118 or p. 1278) [The Gilbert Wellness & Resource Center does show up in this CIP plan that they want to improve.  Again, they are trying to sneak it in so that we won’t notice.]

Item 32 – Public Hearing for a type of tax formally known as the Secondary Property Tax Levy. Staff is recommending a tax increase from 1.06 to 1.115 [This is the tax hike]

Item 33 – Master Concept Plan for Regional Park – $194 million Park in the South of Gilbert. [This is the huge new park that they want to approve and put in down off of Higley & Queen Creek.  The price tag is huge too and we will have to pay it.  I am not against parks, but $194 million is way too big!]

If you can’t make the meeting you can email our elected officials and tell them NOT to vote for the tax increase and/or the expansion of government in the budget.  Here’s the link with all email addresses.  


Attend: Thursday, June 23 at 7pm
Municipal Building I, Council Chambers
50 E Civic Center Drive
Gilbert, AZ

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