Let’s Put a Real Schmuck in Office!

Here’s a great way to help Frank Schmuck beat RINO Jeff Dial in the Aug. 30 Primary.  Please join your neighbors in LD18 (includes Ahwatukee, and parts of Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe) in a Volunteer Support event this Saturday, June 25, from 7:00 am – 10:00 am.  See details following this note from Jim O’Connor.  

For those of you who remember the Republican House & Senate sell outs who voted with the dems in support of Governor Brewer’s Medicaid Expansion (AKA Obamacate in AZ) in the summer of 2013, the name Jeff Dial may ring a bell. He was then serving in the House and the following year got elected to our State Senate. He continues to be a rogue republican, and not a good one.

This August we have the best opportunity ever to rid our state senate of this faker. Please join me this Saturday morning and meet and hear from Frank Schmuck who is challenging Dial for that Senate seat.  Frank enjoys the endorsement of the Arizona Republican Assembly (AZRA) as well as my own personal endorsement. Even though you may live in a different district than Dial’s LD 18, his votes affect all of us statewide.

So if you are only up for making calls on Frank’s behalf, mailing out literature, or helping with a small donation, do come join me this Saturday.

Jim O’Connor
8001 E Del Joya Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
602-538-9387 cell

(GW NOTE:  Jeff Dial was also one of the "Republicans" who refused to acknowledge parental authority, when he voted NO to the Parental Opt Out Bill (SB1455).  He also voted to keep Common Core (HB2190).   

Invitation to Volunteer Support for Frank Schmuck

Legislative District 18 serving Ahwatukee, and parts of Chandler, Mesa and Tempe

7:00am to 10:00 am
June 25

Walk a neighborhood dropping literature and talking to voters.  Compliementary Bagels and Cream Cheese with Coffee, Water or Gatorade Provided Before Walk

REGISTER individually or as a group to get the Address and GATE CODE.  Click HERE to REGISTER. It’s FREE; Just Your Time

All particpants receive a T-Shirt and sticker for volunteering!

It’s hot out!  That’s why we are starting early, so we are back for cold beverages, debrief and group photo by Connie Sunday Photography. We would love to have you join our Team.

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