Horne Files Legal Appeal As EPA Tries To Force $1 Billion Scheme On Arizona Utilities & Customers For Pollution Control Effort That Would Have No Discernible Effect.

Related to Patrick O’Malley’s article titled Arizona’s Drinking Water, CAP, NGS, and the EPA, you might be interested in the Legal appeal that Attorney General Tom Horne has filed. Here’s an excerpt:

"This attempt by the EPA has nothing to do with ensuring clean air and everything to do with trying to eliminate coal as a source of electricity,” Horne added. “The terrible irony of this is that the supposed improvement in visibility the EPA wants to achieve is not even visible to the human eye. These plants are being told to reduce haze that cannot even be seen and has no effect on a person’s health. That is ludicrous, and it causes a tremendous hardship to every Arizonan who uses electricity or drinks water; in other words, everyone.”