How Serious Are We About Unity?

by Jared Taylor

Is Adam Armer serious about working with everyone in Legislative District 22? (LD 22) On Wednesday, 11/17/10, Armer was elected as Chairman by a majority of Precinct Committeemen (PC) in LD 22. On Friday, 11/19/10, Armer sent an email with the following words to many PC’s in the District. The email included the following verbiage. “I would also like to thank Erin [Scroggins] for the email he sent out in regards to unity.” (Erin was Armer’s opponent for LD 22 Chair.) “I look forward to serving as your chairman and I am excited about what we will accomplish together."

Later that day, I spoke with Adam and expressed a few frustrations on the divisive nature of the District elections. He was good to answer some pretty tough questions.

In this discussion, I encouraged Adam to work with those who opposed him to have a more unified district. There is much to do to prepare for future elections. To my surprise, Adam responded, “I have no interest in unity.” In asking him to clarify, Adam responded, “Unity is a principle I do not believe in.” Later in the day, a friend of mine relayed a similar quote from his discussion with Armor. Adam told him, “Unity is not a virtue.”

As we move forward, I’ll be interested in which Adam we’ll see as chairman of LD 22. The public Adam that praises unity or the private Adam who scorns unity and olive branches that could strengthen the party. My hope is that Adam will learn the importance of working with everyone and having a more unified district. Unified in his words may be a good place to start.