John Lewis and Jenn Daniels Hold Campaign Kick-Off

Did you see the June 12, 2012 Press Release? You’ll find it below this picture. Actually, I love the photo and wanted to share it and, oh by the way, be sure to read the Press Release. Gilbert Watch supports John Lewis for Mayor, and Jenn Daniels and Jared Taylor for Town Council!

"Gilbert Mayor John Lewis and Town Council member Jenn Daniels held a joint campaign kickoff Monday evening (June 11) at the Daniels home. There were over 125 supporters in attendance including current Council members Eddie Cook and Jordan Ray, and former Council member Les Presmyk.

“I have been so overwhelmed and encouraged by the outpouring of support that I have received so far for my campaign,” said Daniels. It is a humbling experience to have so many people sacrifice their time on your behalf.”

Mayor Lewis added, “It was exciting to be a part of a campaign kickoff at the Daniels’ home. Among the supporters at the rally were educators, dentists, teachers, business and community leaders, and most importantly neighbors and families. Gilbert residents care about their community, and we encourage more to become involved in this years election process.”

This is the first re-election campaign for both Mayor Lewis and Council member Daniels. They were elected in May of 2009."