Putting the Constitution in its Place

By Jared Taylor

Earlier this year, 7th & 8th grade students from Heritage Academy* in Mesa, AZ visited a courthouse in Cochise County. This visit was part of a Southern Arizona history tour.

The Herald, Sierra Vista, reported the following:

“Students from the school came to Bisbee to hear a presentation by Judge James Conlogue in a question-and-answer format. One of the students looked around and asked, ‘Why don’t you have a Constitution in your courtroom?’ Conlogue recalled.

“’My answer essentially was, ‘The county furnishes the courtroom, and if the county wanted to put up a copy of the Constitution, it would be fine by me.’” (Source: “Middle schoolers from Mesa give gift to Cochise County Courthouse” 6/11/11)

Shortly thereafter, a framed copy of the Constitution was mailed to Judge Conlogue by Heritage students. He graciously received the gift and posted the document in his courtroom.

The student who asked this question was from Gilbert. She demonstrated the difference that one person can make in our society.

Each elected official takes an oath to uphold the US Constitution. Thanks to thoughtful students who ask simple questions, many officials are thinking more about the importance of the Constitution and our duty to uphold its principles.

*The author is lucky to work with wonderful scholars like this at Heritage Academy.