How to Walk Your Neighborhood & Help Your Candidate Get Elected

by Julie Smith, Precinct Committeeman, LD22
I decided the best way to walk my precinct and hand out literature was to decide on each candidate that I wanted to support and contact them, either by phone or through their campaign web site. I stated I was a Precinct Committeeman in LD #22 and wished to endorse them by passing out their literature in my precinct. I asked for 250 pieces of literature. Some candidates also gave me yard signs. I identified a list of all Republican and Independent voters in my precinct regardless of their voting record. I thought that people who are registered and have not voted in the recent past are probably motivated to vote this election cycle given the direction our country is going. The number of households was around 500. I made a goal of hitting at least ½ of the houses. I then researched bags to put all the literature into. I found a great company called ULINE at I ordered 500 red bags (die cut) 12” X 15” (to accommodate the literature), for $39+ shipping. I was able to place the order online and received it two days later. My bags have a handle in order to hang it on a door if the person is not home.
ULINE has a wide variety of bags for a very reasonable price. I picked red for the patriotic color and visibility. On the front of the bag I put a sticker stating the contents of the bag are candidates I am supporting in the Republican primary and my reasons for selecting them. I also included my name, title and contact information and the primary election dates plus early voting information with the web site address for more information. (Under "Participate" on the left side of Gilbert Watch’s Home Page, you will find a link titled "Register to Vote.")

I then walked my precinct with my bags and signs for candidates in my children’s red Ryder wagon. I taped an American and Arizona flag to the wagon. I wear a Jeff Smith candidate pin so that when people poke their head out to see who is at the door, they have an idea. I would recommend a badge that identifies you and your Legislative District, and Precinct, if they are available. People have been extremely receptive and thankful. Many comments have been that they have never received information before and it is hard to discern a candidate from posted signs. I go out during the week in the evenings. I start around 6pm till 7:30 or so. It takes me about 1 ½ hours to go to 30 homes. I have gone out for three evenings so far. I introduce myself, let them know I’m going door to door, offer a candidate’s yard sign and offer my services as a go-to for the candidates. I also advise them that they can learn more about the candidates by going to a “Meet and Greet.”

I had a request for a candidate yard sign that I didn’t have but contacted that campaign and had one of their signs delivered to my door the next day. I then gave the sign to the person who requested it. They were surprised by the rapid follow-through and were very thankful. Many people have offered me water or to come inside briefly to get out of the heat. It has been a very positive experience for me.