NO Truth in Taxation Public Notice

I asked Dianne Bowers, the GPS Community Relations director, a simple question thinking I would receive a simple answer.

Here was my question: “Can you tell me where GPS posted its Truth in Taxation Notice relating to the most recent Governing Board approved property tax rate increase? I might have missed it in one of the local papers. If you have a link or screen shot, I’d appreciate seeing it.”

I had seen two Truth in Taxation Notices in the East Valley Tribune on 6/29/2012. One was posted by Mesa, the other by Chandler, advising the public of a property tax increase, and a public hearing scheduled for July 10. Since Gilbert Schools Governing Board had just approved* raising both the primary and secondary property tax rate by 30%, I thought this deserved the same treatment.

I was wrong. It took 3 Administrators, including 1.5 pages of explanation, a tax rate chart, an Arizona Revised Statute, and the GPS Proposed Expenditure Budget, to tell me that they are not required to “publish any notice.”

In the meantime, the Governing Board also approved* sending the 10% tax override to the November ballot. They also approved* a salary increase for all employees (to be rescinded if the override fails).

*Ms. Staci Burk voted NO.

From: Dianne Bowers []
Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 3:22 PM
To: Anita Christy
Subject: RE: Truth in Taxation Public Notice

Hi Anita. Following is an explanation from Teddy Dumlao, Director of Finance, "Schools may access the local property tax base to fund a number of expenditures outside the budget limits, including desegregation, excess utilities, small schools adjustment, adjacent ways and liabilities in excess of the budget. Before doing so however, the intent must be disclosed through a public notice of truth in taxation A.R.S. 15-905.01 (B).

Since Gilbert Public Schools is not going to levy for any of the expenditures described above in FY 2013, there is no requirement to publish any notice. The calculations used to determine whether or not a truth in taxation notice must be posted are on the final page (page 14) of theProposed Expenditure Budget.

I am also attaching two files with more detailed information prepared by Clyde Dangerfield. The first document describes the taxes, and the second shows the tax rate history.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.
Dianne Bowers, Director Community Relations
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