In the Face of Desperate Gilbert Families

What happened? In the face of difficult times for thousands of Gilbert citizens, our town council cowers to Big Government Unions.

It’s sad to watch. Elected officials, who promise to look out for their neighbors, suddenly become the enablers for a growing Cancer called Government. The growth in spending at all levels is sending our Town, State and Country into crippling financial dependency. The elected Gilbert Town Council leaders have decided that they no longer have problems with higher taxes on a depressed economy and have decided to make this a legacy moment. Gilbert town council members have chosen this election to ask which matters more, protecting Government jobs or yours. 7500 petition signatures collected this fall fell on deaf ears as a phony citizen’s committee ploy, stacked with cronies, gave cover to a our cowardly council.

Backed almost exclusively by unions and town bureaucrats, they simply pushed the tax hike election forward under a new name. Suddenly it is about public safety and scare tactics, not the necessary reforms needed to force Government to live within its means. Our town council chose bigger Government and rejected the overwhelming demand of Gilbert citizens to protect their own families first. Voting No is the only way to insure real reform and accountability, with smaller Government as an added bonus.