The Unions Have Arrived to Take Over Gilbert!

Dear Friends

The battle for Gilbert has begun! The showdown begins on APRIL 22. Why April 22? Because that’s when early voting begins. Do you want higher taxes in Gilbert? Do you want higher taxes in Arizona? Did you think that everything that is wrong with America is happening in Washington, DC? No. It is happening right here. Take a look at this flier:Front. Back. The gloves are off, and we are ready to fight this LIE! The TRUTH is that the Town of Gilbert has plenty of money for Public Safety. Four of the 7 Council members don’t want to “tighten their belts,” because they’ve never had to and they have no intention of starting now. They aren’t interested in joining the 21st century and becoming an organization committed to efficiency. So, You Pay Up!

Check out the news articles here on Gilbert Watch Click on the Gilbert Home Page and take a look at online Job Openings. Six out of eight positions are for Parks and Recreation. Take a look at LEISURE PURSUITS. It is “Free Fun and Entertainment,” just like always.

Since the Town Council voted to send the tax increase to the ballot, all discussion of the ideas from the Citizens Budget Committees has STOPPED. No more vetting of anymore ways to cut expenses.

Why? Because the Council is betting that the citizens of the Town of Gilbert will run in fear to the voting booth and pass the Tax Increase “dedicated to Public Safety.” Government employees and their Unions, and all the beneficiaries of the hand-outs are lying their way into your pocket.

PLEASE! Do NOT let this happen! Push Back!!!

Please volunteer to help fight this battle. Send me an email via this site’s Contact Form. We need people to man phone banks, attend Town Halls, send Letters to the Editor, distribute fliers, forward information emails to your Gilbert friends and family, go door to door as Precinct Committeemen. Let the TRUTH be told!

For Freedom!
Anita Christy