Introducing Support Strong Schools: Get the Facts

Please visit the new website Support Strong Schools: Get the Facts for information about Voting NO to the Gilbert Unified School District’s 6.6% property tax override.  The override election will be held on November 5, 2013.  Early ballots will be mailed to Gilbert voters on October 10.  

This special, off cycle election will cost Gilbert Public Schools taxpayers about $350,000.  

What do we mean by "off cycle"?  Most voters focus on elections that occur in the fall, even years.  For example, we all know that the next big election is in November 2014.  There will be a far bigger turnout for this election than in an off cycle election.  

In order to obtain the necessary votes that favor higher taxes, school districts, towns, and cities like to hold their elections "off cycle." They know, because the numbers have shown them, that most voters pay little attention to them.  However, government employees pay lots of attention to them!  They turn out for those elections knowing full well that their Yes votes will benefit them.

See how this works?

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 A couple of years ago, after Gilbert voters chose a new, conservative Town Council, the council members wasted no time in doing away with costly, taxpayer-unfriendly off cycle elections back in August 2011.  The world did not come to an end.