Introducing Just Say No to District Overrides

A Facebook site has been set up by Debbie Hall Belnap called Just Say No to District Overrides.  You will find some valuable information there.  

Requests for property tax overrides and bonds ($$$$) are going to appear on ballots all across Maricopa County.  Ballots are being mailed on October 10, 2013. One of the biggest hogs at the taxpayer money trough is Chandler, which is asking voters to approve a 15% property tax override.  Most elections at the polls will occur on November 5, 2013.  Chandler is an exception.  There will not be any voting at November 5 polls in Chandler.  However, the mailed ballots may be turned in at any polling site in the County. 

Another hog, Higley Unified School District, has the distinction of asking for both a 10% override plus a $70 million tax bond.   

Here is information on all of the Maricopa County Bond and Override Elections.  

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