Is Fatherhood being Destroyed so the State can play God?

It shouldn’t be lost on Americans that if you want to know what’s really going on in America, you need to read foreign newspapers. Our newspapers suppress the Truth in favor of promoting the leftist agenda.  (Two exceptions are the Arizona Daily Independent and the White Mountain Independent.) 

This article, Is Fatherhood being Destroyed so the State can play God?, was published by Canada Free Press.  What isn’t mentioned in this article is how the entertainment industry devalues and ridicules fathers by presenting men as buffoons in sit-coms.  Mothers are depicted as strong and wise; men are amusing ignoramuses.   

Also not mentioned is how the public school system drives a wedge between parent and child.  Schools are taking children from their parents at earlier ages.  Schools are feeding children, even in the summer.  Schools are increasingly not sending homework home, blaming the students irresponsible parents.  In some cases, parents aren’t even allowed to see what their children are being taught.  

Here is an excerpt from this article:

Children, by definition, are vulnerable. They must receive defense from within the family unit, or they become extreme risks to predators and lack of instruction. The nuclear family contains a default structure designed to protect, feed, educate, motivate and enable children to successfully move into the adult world. This default structure was traditionally implemented by the parents, directed by the father. This structure has operated successfully since time immemorial. Recently, though, fatherhood has come under tremendous scrutiny and the entire premise of masculine, leadership has been rejected by many elites. In fact, it is the political and scientific opinion of many that masculinity has had a negative impact on the evolution of mankind. And so the institution of fatherhood has been systematically singled out for destruction.

Popenoe then explains how being a dad has been trashed in our culture:


The end result of the many cultural, social, and economic trends we have discussed is a society surprisingly unsupportive of fatherhood. Indeed, if one were specifically to design a culture and a social system for the express purpose of undercutting fatherhood and men’s contribution to family life, our current society would be close to what would result. Consider the following key elements one would want to incorporate: 

Make marriage into a very weak institution..
Sexualize the society.
Institute an educational system that disregards the fact that childrearing is a major adult responsibility and that marriage is important in childrearing.
Have an education system that does not recognize worker’s family responsibilities and that stresses ever-increasing material consumption.
Develop a culture that heavily stresses individualism.
In social discourse, through the media, and in the design of the built environment, deemphasize the importance of children to the continuation of society.
Overlook the importance of fathering when discussing male gender roles.
When fathering is discussed, don’t mention that fathers are unique and irreplaceable as protectors, challengers, disciplinarians and guides.

If no person can be conceived without the work of a father, why does modern society insist on pretending fathers are irrelevant? Further, in a society where masculinity is regularly trashed, what generic definition and value does fatherhood hold? In a world of maternal values, doesn’t the entire list of positive masculine traits get tossed in the trash? So if fatherhood has been murdered, who killed it and why?

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