Voting for a Democrat is Voting for Enslavement

Obama’s fundamental transformation of America, with the help of the American electorate, is proceeding according to schedule.  We are heading more toward fascism: censorship, secret police, government regimentation of industry and finance, with citizens being completely subordinate to governmental whims.  That’s what the Democrats vote for. That’s what the Democrats want.

Obama’s actions are purposely overwhelming the system, according to the Cloward-Piven strategy.  He recently speeded us toward our own self-destruction by signing a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) with the Mexican government to allow Mexican Nationals – regardless of immigration status – to “exercise their workplace rights.”   This includes providing Mexican Nationals in the United States with "information, guidance, and access to education and training resources…"  See U.S. Signs Deal with Mexico to Protect Mexican Workers, including Illegals.

That takes money.  Meet the new American slave, i.e., productive American citizens who work in private industry paying their taxes.  So, keep on working hard and paying those taxes, so they can be confiscated and given to others.    

You might also be interested to know that the UAC’s (Unaccompanied Children) coming here from Central America will be educated in Arizona, at your expense.  The Democrats and their useful idiot RINOs in the State Legislature will want more of your money to accomplish that.  See This is How Much Your State Will Pay to School Illegals.  

Many of the illegals coming to America are not the heart-tugging 3-year olds who have been featured by the malpracticing media.  Rather, they are more like 14-17 year old boys, some of whom are gang members, busy raping children.  See 418 Cases of Illegals Raping Kids in North Carolina Alone.   

As Ayn Rand stated: "There is no difference between communism and socialism, except in the means of achieving the same ultimate end: communism proposes to enslave men by force, socialism — by vote. It is merely the difference between murder and suicide."

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