Is Your Arizona Legislator a Hero of the Taxpayer or Friend of Big Government?

Arizona’s Americans for Prosperity has published its 2015 Scorecard, ranking all Arizona legislators on their performance during the last legislative session.  Does your legislator support you and your family?  Or does he or she prefer to drain your prosperity and hand it over to government?   Click the 2015 Arizona Legislative Scorecard to find out.  

Heroes of the Taxpayer include:  Sen. David Farnsworth (LD16), Sen. Judy M. Burges (LD22), Sen. Sylvia Allen, (LD6), Sen. Steve Smith (LD11), Rep. Warren Petersen (LD12),  Rep. Eddie Farnsworth (LD12), Rep. Steve Montenegro (LD13), Rep. Anthony Kern (LD20), Rep. Darin Mitchell (LD13), and Sen. Debbie Lesko (LD21).

Who are the Worst Republicans?

Grubbing for Government, these RINOS are Friends of Big Government:  Rep. Kate Brophy-McGee (LD28), Sen. Jeff Dial (LD18), and Rep. Heather Carter (LD15).  

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