Americans for Prosperity Ranks Arizona Local Government Officials

The rankings for 2015 are in, and the top Heroes of the Taxpayer are Gilbert Town Council members Victor Petersen and Jared Taylor, and Pima County Supervisors Ray Carol and Ally Miller.  The entire Sahuarita Town council rated next as Champions of the Taxpayer.  Please let them know how much you appreciate their hard work in standing up for your individual liberties.   

Unfortunately for Gilbert, council members Eddie Cook, Ben Cooper, Jenn Daniels, Mayor John Lewis, and Jordan Ray have sunk to a pathetic low.  In prior years, they have been "heroes," "friends" and "allies" of the taxpayer.  Their 2015 rating?  Heroes of Big Government.  It’s hard to believe that these people call themselves conservatives or even Republicans.  Their actions speak loudly that individual liberty is too "messy" for them.  They are autocrats who think their constituents need expert help leading their own lives.  

Even Flagstaff, South Tucson, and Tucson value individual liberty more than these 5 Gilbert Council members!  Those leaders in known "leftist" communities received ratings ranging from "not bad" on up to "friend of the taxpayer."  Things aren’t always what they seem, are they.  

Click HERE to see the report and to see how elected officials in other Arizona towns and counties performed.