It’s a Sad Day in Arizona

“We are seen as something akin to 1964 Alabama,” said Jerry Lewis, Republican Recall candidate opposing Senator Russell Pearce.

It’s bad enough when ignorant, uneducated people believe a lie and repeat the lie to others.

But it’s a sad day in Arizona when the person who believes the lie and repeats it is a prominent leader running in a Recall election in LD18 against Sen. Russell Pearce.

Last week, Jerry Lewis stated in a public debate, for all the world to hear, that “we are seen as something akin to 1964 Alabama. People do not want to move their businesses here.”

He was booed by the audience.

Here is a link to the Sonoran Alliance article and video: Jerry Lewis Blames Entire Arizona Republican Executive, Legislature for Being a Racist State.

I remember Selma, Alabama in the 60’s, when whites were literally lynching and murdering blacks and anyone helping them. Like most Americans, I was outraged by this horror that was going on in the South.

And so, the inference from Jerry Lewis is that Arizona citizens are murdering illegal aliens and those who help them. That’s what he believes.

With that hateful, inflammatory lie, Jerry Lewis joins the disgusting ranks of some of the most extreme Socialist Leftists who continually denigrate their own country and especially their own state. This includes U.S. Senator Raul Grijalva (D), who called for boycotting Arizona after the passage of SB1070.

Lewis proved that, rather than seek the truth, he prefers to repeat unfounded, damaging propaganda fed to him by Randy Parraz and his Far Leftist radical friends.

He reminds me of another "apologizer."