Letter to the Editor – Jerry Lewis Still Doesn’t Get it: He’s a Pawn

I sent the following letter to the Arizona Republic. A week later, I sent it to the East Valley Tribune. Neither of them published it. I’ve always known they were Leftist newspapers, but they have done an especially poor job lately of hiding that fact. I think the Arizona Republic got its name because "Pravda" was already taken.

So, here is a revised version:

It’s too bad that Jerry Lewis, educator, didn’t do his homework before taking the recall bait provided to him by Randy Parraz, Progressive Democrat. Did Lewis never ask, “Who is behind this recall?“

It would have taken a couple of hours to do the research on his benefactor, but replacing Russell Pearce with a fresh, more “representative” voice was all that mattered.

It didn’t matter that this is a Recall election, and that Russell Pearce had just been re-elected with 57% of the vote a few months before. It didn’t matter that in the state of Arizona, you don’t have to prove corruption, dishonesty, malicious activity, or violations of the law. All you need is enough signatures from registered voters. It didn’t matter how divisive and disrupting a Recall election can be.

All of that was worth it to Jerry Lewis, because he could offer a fresh, more moderate tone.

Randy Parraz (D) is a highly skilled, committed, intelligent and formidable Leftist and community organizer. He was a leader for 9 years for the Arizona AFL-CIO, and a leader for 9 years for the Industrial Areas Foundation. This organization was started by Saul Alinsky. The most famous person to have followed the Alinsky model of community organizing is President Barack Obama. Parraz moved to Arizona from California, to make “transformative social changes.” Sound familiar?

The politically skilled Parraz has gotten not just Republicans to fight against each other, he has gotten Mormons to fight against each other. This carpet bagger initiated a successful recall election against one of the most famous Conservatives in America: Republican President of the Arizona Senate, author of SB1070, Russell Pearce.

A Jerry Lewis win will result in these nationwide headlines: “Devastating loss to the battle against Illegal Immigration! Architect of SB1070 loses Recall Election!”

Emboldened Democrats will start picking off every Conservative they can.

When Mr. Lewis reaches the steps of the Arizona Capitol, he won’t have to suffer from the vitriolic hate of pro-illegals who, last July threw our American flag to the ground, dragged their feet over it, and desecrated it with graffiti, while police officers could only stand around and watch. He won’t be subjected to the intimidation tactics of Carlos Galindo and the taunting crowd of pro-illegals that Senator Pearce has tolerated.

Randy Parraz chose his candidate well, someone like Jerry Lewis. The Jerry Lewis website is full of vague platitudes that lean toward bigger government. He won’t ruffle Leftist feathers, as long as he caves in to their demands.

If there is anything good that will come out of this, it is that we got to know Russell Pearce for the true Statesman he is. He is one of those rare state legislators who, for his entire political career, has stood up for, written, and passed legislation that reflects Constitutional conservative principles. Lots of people pay lip service to the Constituton. It takes fortitude and strength of character to cherish it and protect it.