Gilbert Watch responds to Jerry Lewis Supporter

A supporter of Jerry Lewis sent me an email, shown below, disputing statements I had made in my 9/4/2011 article, “To the Supporters of Jerry Lewis: Is This the America You Want?”

Here is the email she sent to me, and my response. I’m publishing this for the sole purpose of recalling an ancient warning: "Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts."

"I am probably one of the least knowledgeable people when it comes to
politics…BUT I can understand the simple truths of “Jerry Lewis has
nothing to do with Randy Parraz.” This comment has been reiterated over and
over here and in other article comments. I have found no information or
articles that tell of the two men ever meeting….let alone working together
in any capacity. I have found on the other hand, several misleading articles that are trying to tie the two together…another BUT, have nothing that reports conversations, meetings, joint ventures in this campaign arena in anyway. If there are valid reports that show that the two are working together, I would love to read them. All I have seen are very misleading inflammatory articles…again, with nothing linking that Jerry Lewis has any association with Randy Parraz.

Ms. Anita Christy, can you please show me the research that you have compiled that validates any claims that you are making in regard to Jerry Lewis associating with Randy Parraz? I have seen your article now in a few different places….You as the Writer and Editor , I would think would be
conscientious about including the notice …. Yet you forget to include that
main important clause which is posted and reads:

This site is meant to be thought-provoking, and to explore the issues of the day with the intent to inspire action and personal responsibility. The views stated here, while discussing events and facts, are editorial in nature and are the opinions of the authors.

So, what I understand this to mean is that this whole article is your opinion. This stands to reason, since there are no facts that tie Jerry and Randy together. How honest is that? You are a very outspoken member of the Tea Party that seems to jump head first into causes without full knowledge or factual information. As Gilbert-Activist of the Year, I think that you would check facts before posting propaganda. Of course I realize that there has been many times that you have been silenced for speaking out of turn. This is again one of those times. I would give your article and points some validity, if there were any facts that were valid….How unfortunate for you that there are none."

Dear Jerry Lewis Supporter,

The point I was making with my article did not assert anything whatsoever about conversations, meetings, joint ventures, or any direct communication between Randy Parraz and Jerry Lewis.

The first sentence states “You ought to do your homework about the man who led the recall against Senator Pearce: Randy Parraz.”

You, Jerry Lewis, and all of his supporters came in to this recall election because of two men: Randy Parraz and Chad Snow.

Actually, I should have written, “You should have done your homework….”

I focused on Randy Parraz, because, first and foremost, he is a Democrat. He moved to Arizona from California, for the purpose of making changes in Arizona. He has been trained, and has trained others, in doing exactly that. His goal is to turn Arizona into a blue state. You took the bait to help him do it.

The Democrat enabled all of you. The Democrat provided the opportunity. The Democrat gave you a gift. The Democrat was your benefactor. Did you ever once wonder about his motive? Or were you focused only on the gift itself? It didn’t matter who provided that gift…or why.

I suspect there might have been a lone voice among your group who expressed some concern about it, but he was ignored wasn’t he.

Democrats are very united in their goal. Because, whether a Democrat moves quickly or slowly, they all work toward the same goal: Socialism. In the case of Randy Parraz, who has been trained in identical tactics identical to Barack Obama’s, he moves quickly.

So, you decided that here was this golden opportunity (provided to you by Democrat Randy Parraz), to run a recall election against Russell Pearce.

Who is the winner and who is the loser in what you see right now? The Democrat Randy Parraz is the hands-down winner. He has gotten not just Republicans to fight against each other, he has gotten Mormons to fight against each other. He has gotten Arizona Conservatives to take their attention off other, very important issues. and instead focus on “the recall election of Russell Pearce”!

You made the decision that the recall of Russell Pearce trumped everything else. After all, it was your right.

Randy Parraz must be doing backflips.

And if Jerry Lewis wins, which is very possible, what then? You will see reverberations across America, with headlines that read: “Devastating loss to the battle against Illegal Immigration! The architect of SB1070 loses Recall Election!” Emboldened Democrats will start running recalls (similar to what happened in Wisconsin), picking off every Conservative they can. I would prefer, right now, to do some indepth research into overspending issues related to the Gilbert Public Schools, but instead, you handed me and many others this all important battle.

And then you will see an emboldened Randy Parraz leading the effort to take down “lesser” Republicans in Arizona, especially Conservatives who are the strongest against Democratic policies (higher taxes, redistribution of wealth, bigger government, gay marriage, abortion on demand). I believe, according to a news report that I researched, John Kavanaugh is the next target, if this recall election is successful.

And will Mr. Lewis be able to do any good? No. He has no power, no clue, no political clout. He knows nothing about how to implement any policies or ideas he may have about illegal immigration, jobs, the economy, education, or anything else. He will end up going along and getting along.

He doesn’t have the guts or the stomach to face the angry illegals who desecrated our beloved American flag at the state capitol. Nothing in his training or experience has prepared him to stand up to the “in your face” provocation that Russell Pearce has faced. Jerry Lewis is much too nice for that ugly fight. He will cave.

I admire your passion for wanting to do good, and for standing for goodness and for principle. From all that I have read about Jerry Lewis, he strikes me as a fine upstanding man.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you started a fight, a very big fight. SB1070 sat on Governor Brewer’s desk for a long time. She didn’t know, politically, if it was a good idea to sign it. She signed it. With that, her election was secured. Dean Martin withdrew from the race. That is how popular SB1070 was in Arizona.

We are in a battle for the soul of America. Russell Pearce may be flawed, he may be rough around the edges, he may not be Jesus Christ, but he is strong. It’s the kind of strength rarely seen in elected officials.

And you are bound to destroy him.

You started this battle. You chose to engage in this recall election, brought to you on a silver platter by Democrat Randy Parraz. You may win. Take a long hard look at what you will reap.

It’s not too late to do your homework.

I’m not your enemy.

Anita Christy