Jeff Smith Announces Candidacy for LD22!

My fellow LD 22 PCs

I’m writing to announce my candidacy for chairman of LD 22 at the upcoming election this Saturday. By now I’m sure most of you are aware of the reasons for the re-do of the election, and that one of the previous candidates for chairman has pulled out. After a fair amount of soul-searching, and with the encouragement of several fellow PCs, I have decided to throw my hat into the ring, and I humbly ask for your support and your vote.

By way of background, I most recently ran for the Republican nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives in Congressional District 6 – yes, I’m the guy that dared to challenge Jeff Flake! Running for Congress was a tremendous experience for me, and one about which I have absolutely no regrets. It afforded me the opportunity to travel across CD 6 (which, of course, includes all of LD 22) to meet voters and leaders from our party and listen to the concerns of Republicans across the East Valley. I have an understanding of the issues that are most pressing to our country and to our party, and am excited to employ this experience in the service of my home district, LD 22.

My commitment to the chairmanship and to the district is straightforward:
• To support and defend the United States Constitution
• To support all planks of the Republican Party platform
• To ensure LD 22 is consistently represented at the county and state level, including regular attendance at the EGC
• To ensure all district meetings and business are conducted in a professional, even-handed manner
• To provide training and motivation to recruit new PCs who are engaged and anxious to work to further the aims of our party
• To ensure all PCs in the district are included and allowed a voice
I’m also pleased to support the following slate of candidates for the other leadership positions in the district:

1st vice chair: Craig Nelson – former LD 22 chairman
2nd vice chair: Easton Kelsey – military veteran and former congressional candidate
3rd vice chair: Mickie Niland – grass roots campaigner and organizer extraordinaire
4th vice chair: Kelly Townsend – Founder, Greater Phoenix Tea Party and former candidate for AZ House of Representatives
Treasurer: Julie Smith – dedicated mom and conservative dynamo
Secretary: Eddie Cook – everyone loves Eddie!

These are all individuals who’s dedication to conservative principles and the advancement of our Republican cause is unquestioned.

These are perilous times for our country, to be sure. And yet, it is also an exciting time to be a conservative and a Republican. We recently enjoyed a tremendous victory in the last general election, but that is just the beginning of the long road toward reclaiming our country and putting it back on the right track. Please support me and my fellow running mates as we endeavor to lead our district in this effort.


Jeff Smith