Jeff Smith – Statement Regarding Judge Susan Bolton’s Decision on SB 1070

“I am extremely disappointed by Judge Bolton’s decision. This has all the appearances of an activist judge allowing a personal bias to influence what should be an impartial decision.

I support SB 1070 for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that sanctuary city policies put our police in the impossible position of not being allowed to fulfill their oath to uphold the constitution and enforce the law. SB 1070 removes this restriction, and removes the conflict inherent in sanctuary city policies.

The judge’s argument seems to be that since there is some chance a legal person could be incorrectly suspected of being illegal, the police must be prohibited from inquiring in all cases, even if they have reasonable suspicion. This is an impossibly high standard that we don’t hold the police to when it comes to any other crime. All of us live every day with some amount of risk, however small, that the police will make a mistake and we will be incorrectly suspected of having committed a crime. And yet, we still allow – even expect – the police to pursue and investigate if they have reasonable suspicion that someone has committed a crime. If the police were held to the same standard of certainty regarding other crimes that the judge is holding them to with regards to this law, our police would almost never be able to pursue any suspect!

I am pleased to see our governor appealing the decision and anxiously await the outcome of the actual court case. Regardless of what happens, I expect this case to be appealed to the 9th circuit, and ultimately, the U.S. Supreme Court. I believe we have the legal high ground and that the law will ultimately be upheld. Furthermore, this case is important because it is about more than just eliminating sanctuary city policies in Arizona – it is about fundamental states’ rights. It’s about time a state stood up to the Federal Government!”

Jeff Smith
July 30, 2010

The primary is upon us as early voter ballots will be received this weekend by those who requested them. Jeff needs your help to spread the word about this campaign to every corner of the 6th district. We are asking you to talk to your friends, family and neighbors about the choice we have for our US Congressman in the primaries.

2010 will be a historic year for this country and the victories will not belong to just the winning candidates at the polls…but also to the Americans that stood up beside these candidates and, together, said "ENOUGH!". 2010 will be the year that Americans took notice, got involved and began the process of taking back their country. This will be the year that the Tea Parties influenced these important races and worked to elect new representation at the state and federal level. This will be the year that honest, hardworking Americans voted for the candidates that had the honest, real-world experience that would change the way things were being done in DC. Support Jeff Smith and be a part of this historic year in American history!


  1. Talk to your friends, family and neighbors about why you are voting for Jeff Smith in the primary.
  2. Put a bumper sticker on your car to show your support.
  3. Place a sign in your front yard or in your place of business to show your support.
  4. Email your contacts with a message supporting Jeff Smith and send them over to his website so they can find out where he stands on the issues that are most important to them.
  5. Volunteer to walk your neighborhood or surrounding area so that you can get your neighbors informed about their choice in the primary
  6. Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper explaining why you are voting for Jeff Smith in the primary.
  7. Join Jeff’s facebook page.
  8. Volunteer to make phone calls for the campaign.
  9. Make a donation to the campaign so that Jeff Smith can keep informing voters of the choice we have on August 24th!

Arizona Primaries are on August 24th. Please vote and encourage those that you know to vote. 2010 is an important year for this great nation and the only way we can truly affect change is to stand up and let our voices be heard through our ballots!