Why You Shouldn’t Vote for Steve Urie for JOP

We can cite Steve Urie’s love for big government , while serving in the Arizona Legislature, and love of higher taxes while serving on the Gilbert Town Council , but there is another very important reason to NOT vote for him for Justice of Peace, and why Jeff Smith is a far better candidate.

As a Justice of the Peace, Steve Urie will have to rule on many Landlord/Tenant cases involving eviction actions

So, why is this a problem for Judge Urie?

Because Landlord Steve Urie owns Mesa Verde Rentals, a property management company which sometimes must evict tenants for non-payment of rent.  The representatives of landlords such as Steve Urie spend a lot of time in Justice Court.   He will know many of the eviction lawyers appearing in court before him.

If elected, Urie would have to excuse himself from hearing any cases involving his company.

You might think that’s not very many.  However, Steve Urie also operates Property Management Institute, LLC, which offers Continuing Education courses to property managers.  He teaches these courses.

So, not only will he have to excuse himself from cases that involve his company Mesa Verde Rentals, but he will also have a potential conflict with cases that involve current clients, former clients, attorneys that may have worked for his company, and even property managers that may have paid him for courses at his school.

Please VOTE for Jeff Smith for Justice of the Peace

Jeff Smith understands very well the lines separating the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government at all levels.