Steve Urie: Quotes & Votes I

If you think that Steve Urie, candidate for Arizona House Representative, LD22, is a "principled Conservative" think again.

Steve Urie on Taxes: “I’m very interested in the Use Tax. We aren’t charging it, but everybody else is.” (Gilbert Town Council Meeting. 5/12/2009)

“Why is council looking at balancing the budget on the backs of employees? I’m really tired of putting down employees, because they work hard and do more with less.” (Gilbert Town Council Meeting. 6/2/2009)

NOTE: Going back 10 years from 6/2000 – 6/2010, the Gilbert Town employees have never had a salary reduction.

On 6/30/2009, Councilmemberr Urie voted to balance the budget on the backs of Gilbert citizens and businesses by increasing their taxes as follows: 1) Sales tax to increase from 1.50% to 1.75%. 2) Remove tax exemption for a person who has less than three lodging spaces. 3) Institute a 1% Use Tax.

NOTE: The Gilbert Small Business Alliance (GSBA) had fought against the Use Tax, advising it would hurt Gilbert businesses.