Jerry Lewis & Don Stapley Join Randy Parraz in Recall Election Night

It’s in Spanish, and it might be taken down soon, but these interviews were primarily at the Wright House, which was the site of Randy Parraz’s Defeat Pearce Celebration. Jerry Lewis talks about how SB1070 is only about law enforcement. Randy Parraz talks about how Republicans and Independents worked together "for a better place for children," Chad Snow (lifelong RINO) states how hispanics and members of "the Church" worked for this, and that Russell Pearce is not a good representative of "the church.

And there is Don Stapley (a big supporter of Jerry Lewis) at Wright House, celebrating with Randy Parraz. "We are going to change the immigration laws to make for a better state of Arizona and for the whole nation……"

That pretty much sums up what Barack Obama has been saying all along.

Funny how all these people agree with Obama.