Leftist Radicals Despise SB1070, Spend Big Bucks to Help Jerry Lewis

The Leftists both inside and outside of Arizona are pulling out all the stops to smear and get rid of Russell Pearce. Senator Russell Pearce is Enemy #1 to the Left, which should be reason enough for Republicans to keep him in office for a very long time.

They want Jerry Lewis to take his place for one reason: He isn’t Russell Pearce.

More Campaign Finance reports are coming out, which, when you follow the connections, reveals just about every Leftist radical organization in the USA. They have one thing in common: Hatred for SB1070.

The Left are masters at creating a system of complex, innocuous-nice-civil-tone-sounding PACs which confuse the electorate. So the electorate pays no attention. Rather, they are duped by the hit pieces themselves, which proclaim the evils of Senator Pearce. They will talk about the red herring the Fiesta Bowl, they will talk about how “extreme” Pearce is, but they won’t talk about the real reason they want Pearce gone.

“Follow the money,” and you will see that all of it came from organizations that despise Pearce for one reason: SB1070. These Radical groups do not give a whit about the Fiesta Bowl “scandal.” (See quote from Arizona’s Own Espresso Pundit.)

I’m going to attempt to take you through the complexity of just one of these “nice, civil tone” organizations. The research on every detail was done by Silence Dogood, and I can provide it to you upon your request.

Here goes:

We already know that the Recall Pearce Committee (CBA) was dominated by Leftists. They paid close to $4,000 to canvassers to go door to door for Jerry Lewis.

Lewis Campaign Contributions from CBA

Here’s one you probably never heard of: Promise AZ. This PAC was formed on 9/16/2011. Raquel Teran is the deputy director. Lewis Campaign Contributions from Promise AZ

As you can see from the Report, that same day UNITE HERE donated $20,000. (UNITE HERE endorsed Leftist Activist Randy Parraz for Senate back in 2010 and encouraged conventions to cancel as part of the boycott of Arizona. Why the boycott? SB1070)

On 9/17/2011, that $20,000 enabled Raquel Teran to pay canvassers to “Get Out the Latino Vote in LD18!” for Jerry Lewis. Raquel Teran is a Leftist Activist/Open Borders Diva/sidekick to Leftist Activist Randy Parraz. She donated money to both Randy Parraz’s failed Senate campaign and to the CBA for recall efforts. She has a long history of advocating against SB1070. She was also a member of Parraz’s Maricopa Citizens for Safety and Accountability (MCSA)and was arrested along with Parraz at the Board of Supervisors meeting when they crashed it back in 2010.

There is another interesting “in kind” labor donation from Campaign for Community Change for $8960. Don’t they sound nice, altruistic, and full of “social justice”?

Campaign for Community Change (CCC) paid $100,000 in mailers/expenses to advocate against Jan Brewer for Governor in 2010. (Remember, she had signed SB1070.)

And who are the directors?

One of the managing directors of CCC in DC is Mary Lassen. It can’t be a good thing when you see her name on a list that also includes Van Jones. Just saying….

The Executive Director is a Deepak Bhargava. Glenn Beck did a piece on him. He has spoken out against SB1070 since September 2010.

Add to all of this the over $34k spent by Campaign Money Watch in hit mailers.

Campaign Money Watch is funded by the Public Campaign Action Fund.

They obtain huge donations ($20,000 or more from each organization since 2008) from organizations like Moveon.org, billionaire Liberal Pat Stryker, the NEA, SEIU, and Working Assets (which supports organizations like Planned Parenthood, Media Matters, and Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education).

This is the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more Leftist organizations that are backing Jerry Lewis.

Does any of this hard evidence finally sink in about who is behind the Recall, and why? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. Or does it?

* This charge also incorporates both bias and fiction. Naturally, Montini doesn’t mention the Democrats–Ed Pastor, Ben Arredondo, Robert Meza, Pete Rios, Paula Aboud–who went on Fiesta Bowl trips. Of course, he fails to mention that it was Republic Publisher John Zidich in his role as Fiesta Bowl Treasurer who approved the trips. And he doesn’t point out that it was the Fiesta Bowl–not the politicians–that had the responsibility of ensuring that the trips were legal.