John Fillmore vs Rich “Bait and Switch” Crandall in LD16

Does Rich “Bait and Switch” Crandall think the voters in LD16 are completely ignorant? Crandall is running for Arizona State Senator as a "Conservative Champion," along with Doug Coleman and Jeff Davis. It’s amazing to see how RINO’s embrace the conservatives they love to hate when they campaign.

There are few Republicans in the Arizona State Legislature that are less conservative than Rich Crandall. Once he’s in the legislature he is hostile toward true conservative legislators who honor their promises to their constituency.

Here’s how to tell the difference between a True Republican (John Fillmore) and a Bi-Partisan, Big Government Republican (Rich Crandall).

There are three well respected groups who rate Arizona State Legislators at the end of every session:  Pachyderm Coalition, Americans for Prosperity, and Goldwater Institute. 

Pachyderm Coalition is a group that is guided by the principles of Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan, and the current Republican Party Platform.

Americans for Prosperity supports policy initiatives such as imposing strict spending limits on government, passing balanced budgets, cutting income taxes, reducing property tax levies, expanding school choice, supporting free-market health care (not socialized medicine), privatizing state functions, reducing burdensome regulations on Arizona businesses, prohibiting the use of taxpayer money for lobbying, and imposing transparency laws on all levels of Arizona government.

Goldwater Institute was founded in 1988 with the blessing of the late Senator Barry Goldwater, the Goldwater Institute’s mission is to advance freedom and protect the Constitution. As a non-profit organization funded solely by individual donations, Goldwater Institute stands on principle, not politics. They believe in the power of the states to restore America to the founding principles that made it a beacon of opportunity, prosperity, and freedom.  They also research and develop ideas that help states use their constitutional powers to protect their citizens’ liberties. And when governments overstep their constitutional authority, the Goldwater Institute defends citizens in court.

Pachyderm Ratings

John Fillmore received a 63.4 “Republican” rating from the Pachyderm Coalition for the 2012 General Legislative Session. 

Rich Crandall received a 20.8 “Bipartisan Republican” rating from the same group.  Bipartisan ranks lower than a Big Government Republican. 

Americans for Prosperty (Arizona Chapter) Ratings

John Fillmore received a 70 “Friend of the Taxpayer” rating from Americans for Prosperity.

Rich Crandall received a 44 “Friend of Big Government” rating from Americans for Prosperity.

Goldwater Institute Scorecard

John Fillmore received an A-.

Rich Crandall received a C+.

Rich Crandall a "Conservative Champion"?

Rich “Bait and Switch” Crandall is hanging by a thread in calling himself a Republican.  If you fall for his “conservative” bait, be forewarned, he’s going to switch back into his true bi-partisan, big government self every time he votes.