John Huppenthal and all his Dirty Little Lies

From Brad McQueen’s most recent article John Huppenthal and all his dirty Little Lies:

In his candidate position statement Huppenthal now claims that, he “supports standards and local curriculum…not standards imposed on Arizonans by the federal government.”

Funny, I remember being mandated by Huppenthal, as were all Arizona teachers, to take mandatory Common Core standards training all last year because many teachers were unable to understand the federally created learning standards. My school was also mandated by Huppenthal to administer the federally created and privately owned, Common Core/PARCC field tests this past spring along with over a million other kids across the state and nation.

Huppenthal’s candidate statement goes on to claim he “ensured the privacy of student information.”  There you go again little Johnny. 

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Brad McQueen is a Tucson public school teacher and former Common Core insider.  He is also the author of the anti-Common Core book The Cult of Common Core.