John McCain calls Democrat Hillary Clinton a “Rock Star”

I have never been so embarrassed in my life, trying to explain to people why they should register as Republicans.  I explain how we are different than Democrats.  We are Republicans!  We believe it is the duty of our federal and state governments to protect our citizens by scecuring our borders.  Building our border fence without delay has been a part of our Republican platform for many years.  

What do I say when they ask me, "How is it that you elected John McCain to be your senator?  What about Jeff Flake?  Isn’t he part of the Gang of 8, too"?    

John McCain thumbs his nose at our Republican principles and platform.  So does Jeff Flake.  Yet, those are our two Arizona Republican senators.  The Republicans of Arizona voted both of them into office.  

We elected traitors to our Party, people who despise not just Conservatives, but all Republicans.  John McCain Rips the Tea Party, Fox News, and calls Hillary Clinton a "Rock Star."   

"’When Hillary Clinton versus Rand Paul occurs in 2016, I guess you are going to have to decide who to vote for, huh?’ the New Republic asked McCain.

"’It’s gonna be a tough choice," he said, laughing.

"He clarified his remark, saying Paul ‘represents a segment of the GOP, just like his father. And I think he is trying to expand that, intelligently, to make it larger.’"

For the record, Hillary Clinton is not just a Democrat.  She is also a Leftist.  See Who is the Leftist?  Who is the Liberal?  Rand Paul is a Republican who stands up for Republican Principles and the Republican Platform.