Are you really sure that you want John McCain representing you again in the US Senate? So far, he has spent $16 million relentlessly attacking JD Hayworth, diverting your attention away from his own record. With millions flowing in from out of state Liberal Republican groups, John McCain keeps yelling at you, “Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?”

At least, open your eyes. Do you really want to relive this?

  1. McCain-Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Did you know this had 9 cosponsors, and one of the 9 was then Sen. Barack Obama? This bill would reward law-breakers, allowing illegal immigrants to pay a fine and become legal residents eligible for citizenship. Jon Kyl tried to convince us to “go for it.” JD Hayworth fought against this bill and did more than anyone to derail it. We fought too, and in the Bush Administration, we defeated it. Will we defeat a bill like this in an Obama Administration?
  2. McCain-Feingold. This was an attack on political free speech. It was overturned by the Supreme Court.
  3. McCain-ACLU. McCain, who served honorably in the military, sponsored this bill to grant due-process rights to unlawful enemy combatants. McCain has repeatedly called for the immediate closing of Guantanamo Bay, bringing al-Qaeda terrorists into our own prisons, giving them legal rights.

Despite the fact that the most promising research on stem cells has come from adult stem cells, John McCain has long advocated using taxpayer dollars to destroy human embryos for medical research.

As recently as March 2008, John McCain stated, “We need a successor to Kyoto, a cap and trade system that delivers the necessary environmental impact in an economically responsible manner.”

On August 8, 2010, John McCain made a special trip to Colorado in a failed attempt to help Jane Norton defeat the Conservative Ken Buck in the Senate primary. He rallied Norton’s supporters, “the Buck stops here.” Fortunately, Ken Buck, endorsed by Sen. Jim DeMint and the Senate Conservative fund, beat Norton.

JD Hayworth has the support of Tea Party groups across Arizona, including thousands of its members. John McCain was identified in a Politico survey as the #1 Least Favorite Republican among Tea Party groups across the nation.