Dianne Bowers: In a Class by Herself

Dianne Bowers is the director of Community Relations for Gilbert Public Schools. She and her staff are among the most gracious and effective administrators in the District. I have worked with her many times.

She is also one of the highest paid PR directors in the state of Arizona. Gilbert needs someone with top notch skills for a reason. Ask yourself: Who needs effective PR the most? A district that is transparent to the public, handles itself professionally, spends taxpayer dollars wisely, and is responsive to educational concerns of parents, teachers, and students? Or a district that doesn’t exhibit these qualities?

Dianne Bowers and her staff recently earned 10 Awards from the Arizona School Public Relations Association (ASPRA). ASPRA recognizes standards of excellence in school public relations. Communications professionals from the Kansas School Public Relations Association judge the nominees against established criteria for excellence.

Gilbert Public Schools was recognized for Overall Excellence in Public Relations for improving communication with staff, parents, students and community, demonstrating district leadership and high ideals of professionalism, and showing evidence of creativity.

Four awards of excellence recognized the communications aspects of programs: Performing Arts Calendar, the GPS Communicating on the Web Style Guide, Daily News Subscriptions, and Global Academy Online Learning. Two awards of distinction recognized the Caught in the Act employee recognition program, and the Signs of Suicide Video.

Three awards of excellence recognized partnerships with a Gilbert firm, SAI Technology, a Gilbert parent volunteer, Liz Nicholls, and the Gilbert Rotary Club for their contributions to education by demonstrating a commitment to improving communications and providing leadership and integrity through volunteerism and philanthropy.