The Russell Pearce Record: Creating a Brighter Future for Arizona

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April 21, 2011

After 100 Days of Work, a Brighter Future for Arizona

State Legislature Stays Focused, Delivers on Commitment to Citizens

(STATE CAPITOL Phoenix) —–It was a legislative session that will be remembered for its heavy lifting on significant issues. In 100 days, the Senate and House passed legislation that will bring Arizona out of one of the worst financial situations in history, building a foundation for great days ahead.

“We got a clear message from voters in November. Figure out a way to balance the state budget without gimmicks, and get Arizonans back to work. We heard the message, and we delivered,” says Senate President Russell Pearce.

The Senate and House put together a budget that the Governor signed that truly balances the books, with no gimmicks, no new rollovers and no borrowing. This is the first balanced budget in five years. This has been the most successful legislative session in over 20 years according to many insiders.

The Legislature also worked with the Governor to build a jobs and tax reform package and to reduce burdensome regulation, that will lower taxes and make our state one of the most desirable in the nation for new and existing businesses looking to expand.

I asked Sen. Steve Yarbrough to take the lead on a pension reform plan, to save the state’s retirement plans from catastrophe.

“It is striking to look back at the past 100 days and see the major, important issues we tackled. The media tend to focus on the distractions and the inconsequential. Now is a good time to look at the big picture, and see what a positive impact our leaders had on the future of this great state,” says Pres. Pearce.