John Sperling, George Soros, and…..Kirk Adams?

John Sperling, mega billionaire, has identified Kirk Adams as his “one and only” favorite Republican to support for House of Representatives 2012. All of his other contributions went to Democrats. Kirk stands alone with Sperling’s $2500.

Now, this is odd. Why would John Sperling, who recently co-authored The Great Divide, “a blueprint for how the Democratic Party can regain, maintain, and control the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives" invest a dime or two in "conservative" Kirk Adams?

Take a look at the Lone Red Elephant that stands out among the crowd of Progressive Democrats: Gabby Giffords, Ann Kirkpatrick, the Democratic Congressional Campaign…..Kirk Adams.

HuffPost Fundrace.

Some years back, Sperling spread his wealth around to both Republicans and Democrats, but lately he has devolved into another George Soros, who donates millions to Democrats, Liberal causes, and Get Everybody to Hate Republicans campaigns.

Sperling spent $500,000 on a campaign to ensure the passage of Prop 105, which would tie the hands of elected officials. Former Senate President Russell Pearce fought to repeal. To understand what was at stake, see I’m Kirk Adams and I’m a Phoenix as reported in S.H.I.E.L.D.

I don’t know what Sperling sees in Adams. Potential?

While you’re reading S.H.I.E.L.D., sit back and enjoy “So Happy Together.”