Linda Abbott’s Faulty Logic

In the May 5, 2009, Gilbert Town Council meeting Council Member Linda Abbott proposed a ½-cent tax increase. During her lengthy statement, she explained that one reason Gilbert “is in this pickle” (budget deficit) is because “a lot of it has to do with revenue sources we do not have.”

The implication is that other communities were not “in this pickle.” The truth is, they were then, and they are now.

She also implies that the reason they aren’t “in this pickle,” is because they have more money to spend, and higher taxes.

According to Ms. Abbott’s faulty logic, More Revenue/Higher Taxes = Solution to Budget Deficit.

That logic makes sense, if you are dealing with an entity that manages its money well. However, we aren’t dealing with a responsible entity. This is the government. And they aren’t spending their own money; it’s yours.

Here are the facts that disprove Ms. Abbott’s argument that “More Revenue/Higher Taxes = Solution to Budget Deficit.

Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Peoria, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Glendale all have more revenue sources/higher taxes than Gilbert.

So, how are they doing with all those “revenue sources we do not have”?

They all are projecting deficits for FY2011-12, ranging from $2 million on up.

Who has the MOST revenue sources/highest taxes? Phoenix!
Who has the BIGGEST projected deficit for FY2011-12? Phoenix! $59 million.

And yet, Gilbert, which has the FEWEST revenue sources/lowest taxes comes in with one of the LOWEST projected deficits of $6 million.

Don’t commend Ms. Abbott for this. You can give the credit to people like Eddie Cook, Victor Petersen, and a host of other Gilbert citizens who forced the Council to do a better job of managing spending.