Looks like the Occupy Wall Street Movement Arrived in Gilbert last Saturday

In case you missed it, Parker Leavitt wrote an article

Activists to ‘Occupy’ Gilbert Home Saturday which appeared in AZ Central April 12.

A few excerpts:

“A seven-hour agenda includes segments about the so-called 99 percent, the economic downturn, non-violent action, planning and role-play, said organizer Zen Benefiel, who is hosting the event at his home. The "99 percent" includes students facing rising debt, parents worried about climate change, seniors who can’t afford adequate care, the unemployed and immigrant and union workers, Benefiel said.

“While Gilbert is known more for its conservatism, Benefiel said that reputation doesn’t have to stop progressives like himself from getting involved in the community. He recently applied to serve on the town’s environmental board and occasionally speaks with Mayor John Lewis, Benefiel said.”

Hmmm. With $17 trillion in debt that their children and grand-children are going to have to pay, “parents are worried about climate change”?