Senator Russell Pearce and the United States Supreme Court

Russell Pearce goes before the Supreme Court on 4/25 to argue in favor of the constitutionality of SB1070. Also, at the invitation of Senator Charles Schumer, he will be testifying on 4/24 before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Immigration, Refugees, and Border Security at a hearing entitled “Examining the Constitutionality and Prudence of State and Local Governments Enforcing Immigration Law.”

It is shocking to me that the mere right of an individual state to enforce our country’s immigration law, to protect the jobs and lives of lawful citizens, has become a federal case.

I’m willing to bet that Russell Pearce’s “style” at both of these hearings will be very impressive. He will be presenting his argument to the most powerful entities in the United States of America. He will tell the truth, and he won’t falter. He won’t embarrass or apologize for Arizona. SB1070 is his legacy, all the way to the Supreme Court.

Russell Pearce has always stood for substance and truth over style and whim. When you hear someone say that Russell Pearce has been bad for Arizona, they are lying.

The truth is that Arizona’s economy is far better compared to other states; the truth is that companies are moving to Arizona not leaving; the truth is that Arizona’s tourism and the dollars it brings has increased, not decreased. The truth is that it is the leftists, not the constitutional conservatives, that decry Arizona’s horrible reputation. The truth is that law abiding citizens admire Arizona and have introduced legislation that imitates SB1070. The truth is that Phoenix has experienced a 30-year low crime rate. All since SB1070.

The leftists did all possible to boycott Arizona over SB1070. They failed. Yet, the leftists and their sympathizers continue to lie about the success of Arizona after SB1070. Much like they continue to lie about those “400 uninvestigated sex crimes.”

Meanwhile, California (Randy Parraz’s home state) has laws favorable to open borders and illegal aliens. Employers are leaving California by the trainload. Yes, there are many other variables (such as California’s tax and regulatory environment) that play a role. But when you consider the leftist mantra in Arizona, all of their trumped up negatives are the result of just one thing: laws that protect its legal citizens.

Russell Pearce’s words, actions, and votes have always lined up to protect individual liberties of law-abiding citizens. He has done this in spite of unrelenting attacks upon him by the leftists, their sympathizers, and the liberal media, and in spite of attacks from Eric Holder’s Department of “Justice.”

Upholding our country’s immigration laws should be supported by every American citizen.