Maricopa County is Considering Passing the 2012 International Codes – Don’t Call Me “honey”

I have a pet peeve.  I don’t like it when total strangers–less than 70 years of age–call me “honey.”  What does that have to do with Maricopa County considering passage of the 2012 International Codes?  You’ll see.

Have you been following this issue of town and city governments passing into Law thousands of pages of codes all across Arizona without even reading them?  To bring you up to date, please see the email below from Rusdon Ray, a local draftsman and home designer, who has been fighting this nonsense.  Please attend the Maricopa County meeting May 21 if you can.   Or send the MCBOS (Maricopa County Board of Supervisors) an email.  For background, please go to   Here is a flier to print out and distribute in your neighborhood.  Rusdon and his team have also drafted a Proposal to the Gilbert Town Council.

Back to “Don’t Call Me Honey.” 

I want to draw your attention to the language tyrants typically use when trying to convince you that you are glad they are holding your head in a bucket of water.

Look at the Maricopa County meeting announcement.  It’s titled “Enhanced Regulatory Outreach Program.  Maricopa County Building Code Advisory Board Special Meeting.”  What’s wrong with this paragraph?

 “These are code updates and not expected to be substantial changes from current codes except that the County has not previously adopted the green construction code, energy conservation code or the existing building code – all of which are anticipated to be a benefit to our customers.  Note the green construction code will be voluntary.”


Imagine how professional draftsmen, builders, contractors, electricians, plumbers, architects, home owners, etc., feel when Code Enforcers force them to follow unnecessary, expensive codes, and then have the gall to call them “our customers.”

Customers have the freedom to make their own decisions about where they want to shop and what they want to buy.    If professionals in the building industry were treated like “customers” by government planners, developers, building inspectors, and code enforcers, those professionals would be able to pick and choose among the non-life/safety codes and decide what’s best for their own customers.  Their customers, the home buyers, would in turn decide if they want what those professionals have recommended. 

Don’t insult and offend the builders, tradesmen, and home buyers you are forcing to follow arbitrary codes by calling them “customers.”  You don’t treat them like customers.  You treat them like victims of a tyrannical top down government…….honey. 

Here is Rusdon Ray’s Email. 

Subject: Maricopa County is Considering Passing the 2012 International Codes

We knew this was coming but didn’t think it would be so soon. Maricopa County is also proposing to adopt these new International 2012 ICC codes. (See the attached EROP Notice).  Below are the emails of the 5 members of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.  Please take a moment and send them an email.  Let them know how you feel about our representatives passing books of International mandates on their citizens especially when they have not even read or understand them.

You can email them all at once.  Just copy and paste.

P.S. – We are making progress in Gilbert, and they are reviewing and considering our proposal to write our own local Gilbert set of readable & understandable life-safety codes. Attached is Our Proposal to members of the Gilbert Town Council that they are reviewing.

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