Message from Jared Taylor, Candidate for Gilbert Town Council

Did you know that early voting starts in 25 days?  Yes, it seems like we just had an election, but the general election is right around the corner.
I’m enjoying meeting many new people and telling them my positive message about Gilbert.
The most common question asked is this, "What is the real difference between you and your opponent?" The answer is simple: I believe in a limited government accountable to the citizens. Unfortunately, my opponent supports bigger government and labor unions.
To me, less government means more freedom for our families and businesses. Simple.
Do you agree? Click here to watch a rocking little video on this topic and share it with someone you know in Gilbert!
I need your help to get this positive message out to Gilbert voters. Will you help me today with a donation of $25, $50 or more? Below is a link to my online donation site. Click here if you’d like to mail in a contribution.
Thank you!
Jared Taylor