Letter to the Editor on behalf of Jared Taylor

Jared has been a strong advocate for smaller government and lower taxes for many years. He joined me in fighting Proposition 406 in 2010.  Prop 406 was an imprudent attempt by John Sentz and others to raise taxes on struggling Gilbert families when money was available to close the budget gap.  While I give credit to Councilmember Sentz for admitting he was wrong after the facts and the politics have gone against him, we need leaders like Jared Taylor who are willing to stand up for the best interests of Gilbert citizens in time to make the right decisions.

In the next few years, the Town Council will be working on important subjects like economic development, employee compensation, process improvement, and the five year master parks plan.   Not only does Jared have an extensive business background to bring to our economic development work, his six sigma skills and 10 years of human resources expertise will be extremely helpful as we reevaluate the compensation structure for Town employees. 

Like you, I’m committed to a community where people can achieve a high quality of life. This is most possible where local government is held to high standards of fiscal responsibility and performance.  As we work together to build a strong and safe community, please join me in supporting and voting for Jared Taylor. More information and how to donate to Jared is available at www.votejaredtaylor.com.

Victor Petersen

Gilbert Town Council Member