Michele Reagan’s Kindergarten Sex Education Bill

by Overwatch1776


Lately, many of you have been forwarding video of Obama advocating sex education for Kindergartners. The video was even posted on Drudge earlier this week. (Go to Obama Agreed with mandating Sex Ed classes for Kindergartners.)  

Without a doubt, I am sure all of you found this disturbing, yet unsurprising, considering what we know about Obama.

However, what I found even more disturbing is that in 2009 there was a bill introduced in the Arizona State Legislature that would have started sex education in Arizona schools in Kindergarten- exactly what Obama was advocating. Worse still, there was one Republican sponsor of this bill – Michele Reagan (See HB2544). 

Conservatives in the North Valley have long known that when it comes to family values and life issues, Michele Reagan is not someone who is on our team. However for Michele Reagan to join with far left-wing Democrats to try and impose a radical progressive agenda on our children is beyond the pale.

(GW NOTE:  Please note that the primary sponsor of HB2544 is Leftist Kyrsten Sinema.  Known as a progressive, she has worked for the adoption of the DREAM Act, and has campaigned against Propositions 107 and 102, two voter referendums to ban the recognition of same-sex marriage and civil unions in Arizona. She is the first openly bisexual person elected to the U.S. Congress.  She is currently the only open atheist serving in Congress.)

Michele Reagan is now running for Secretary of State. It is important to remember that the AZ SoS is first in line to succeed the governor were the governor to leave office for any reason- which has happened three times in the last twenty-five years (think Mofford, Brewer, and Hull). We constitutional conservatives can absolutely not allow someone like Michele Reagan to assume the office of Secretary of State. She will not stand with us as we fight for traditional family values and as we fight against things like Common Core (which as many of you know has a progressive social component to it). 

I am sure at your Tea Party and LD meetings you will soon see Michele Reagan stand before you and claim to be a conservative and maybe even try to say she is a social conservative. When that happens, remember this bill and the many other times Michele Reagan has joined with liberals to help pass a progressive agenda.